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Need help identifying part

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I recently did a bunch of work on my 1988 Comanche and one of the parts which is trash due to rust is this vacuum "manifold" that connects the plastic harness (I see it commonly referred to as the "disco harness") to the actuator on the front axle. I have searched but have been unable to find any information on a official part name. I have referenced a lot of parts diagrams, etc. and cannot find a reference to this part.

I made a temporary fix out of plastic tubing with the intent of remaking a new one in the future because I doubt new ones are available, but I'd still like to know what this thing is called. I appreciate any information anyone can provide.

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That is the vacuum harness that connects T-case and the Central Axle Disconnect (CAD) and the 4WD light on the dash.

In my opinion, you have it in its best spot. You should perform a CAD delete and not have to worry about the vacuum system failing. Ask me how I know.
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