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need help identifying engine litres

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Hello. I am a newbie to this group. Very pleased I can join. My baby has carburetor leak.
Potential mechanic asking me engine size (litres). I have no clue.
Where do I look on engine?

It is a 1978, CJ5, V8 AMC/Renault.
Does anyone know the litre size of engine?
And where can I get replacement part.
Thank you so much in advance.

(I did a brief look at past posts but do not see anything that matches. Apologies for new thread if this info is already out there.)
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I'm sure it is a 304 with a t150 3spd manual and a dana 20 transfercase. If you can stomp on it and do wheelies you might have a 360 or 401 swapped in:smile2:
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