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So, several years ago, right after my daughter was born, my best bud and I decided to trailer our YJ's down to the Rubicon. We had a very wet ride, but some great memories.
In preparation for the trip, we converted our 4 poppers over to the Dodge EFI 5.2. Pretty easy swap, and they run great. Same MPG's as my 4 banger...
Also, I bought a 78 F250 front HP Dana 44 and had it narrowed to Wagoneer width, converted the outers with Reid knuckles to early Bronco brakes, etc.
The guy that narrowed and moved the inner C's screwed it up pretty good. My driver side tube has a slice in it near the pumpkin that now leaks, and my caster is pretty off. I have shims in now. Also have random REALLY bad death wobble.
Anyway, is there anybody that can help me fix this boondogle? I'm a driveability/emissions technician, not a fab/welder/suspension guy.
I can trade guns, ammo, side work for the help...or cash of course.
I just don't know a shop that I would trust with the work.
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