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Need help figuring out where ground goes

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There's a ground wire that's underneath the car right behind the downstream O2 sensor and it is pretty much connected to the transmission or part of the transmission it looks like and it was just dangling down onto the skid plate and not connected to anything and since then I've experimented trying to find work next to and I've literally drained my battery all the way I've gone through it won't start at all or even crank which is where I'm at now I believe it's cuz my battery is all the way drained but I've put that dang ground wire on a few different places and nothing so far as work so if anybody knows where I can put that ground wire that's going to be effective and have my car run properly I would greatly appreciate your help. The ground wire is about a foot long maybe 15 in and I've literally ran it in a circle all the way around the center point looking for where it could attach to and I can't find nothing.
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hte one end is free and in your hands what is at the other, where does go, and it attacjhes to ?
With KOEO is there voltage on the wire?
Did you check for codes MAYBE a clue?
Maybe easier said than done A photo could help us help you.

Generlly ground is ground - the path is to battery neg - ideally just low resistance.
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