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Update came out on June 29th for the RES 130 Radios with Uconnect

I called my dealership to see if TSB 08 036 11 applied to my vehicle, he said it didn't come up.

Called Chrysler Uconnect and they said it did apply to my vehicle

Said screw it found this post
Patriot :)

Firmware can be found here,,
simply copy it to a FAT32 Formated USB key, turn your ignition to run/ACC,
plug the key into your USB port and press and hold the Uconnect button until it says updating uconnect,
wait 20 minutes while listing to beeping. When the beeping stops the deck will restart and playing what ever was playing last. **** DO NOT TURN OFF RADIO OR JEEP******
Everything should now work perfectly as it was intended and advertised

And just finished performing the update on my 2011 JKU Rubicon.

Bluetooth and USB (still alittle slow on first connect) perfectly.

Thanks for nothing Jeep Dealership :D So Glad this function is now working perfectly its bugged me since I bought the Jeep 2 months ago.
1 - 1 of 212 Posts
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