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I had some fun in the garage this past weekend. Still working on my compact battery bank. It’s finally getting close to being done though.

I was able to make the bank even more compact by swapping out the terminals that originally came on the batteries. Check out the height difference between these two attachment methods! All I had to do was fab some small spacers for the wire connectors to sit on. The batteries are separated only by the thickness of the 2awg parallel wires between them now.

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Here's the final mock battery tray.
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Perfect fit!
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Time to bench test my charging system.
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On a side note, check out these big budget builds my buddy just completed! He just moved to a bigger shop and he’s doing some really impressive stuff over there.

While I'm not really a fan of newer vehicles with all their sensors and doohickies, I'd rock one of these built JLs in a heart beat if I could afford it. That camper top is SICK! :love:

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So here's a long overdue update.

It's been up for a month or so now but here are my 2 latest videos. I've actually gotten quite a bit done since then. I should have the next video up really soon.

Finally got my battery tray back from CNC! Apparently the shop got a couple of huge rush orders after I sent my drawings. I can't blame them for shelving my little one-off project for the big orders. Gotta pay those bills.
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At the end of the day, I think 5mm may have been a bit overkill. I ended up having to dig a little deeper into the relief cuts I had machined at the shop. I underestimated how much elbow grease it would take to bend 3mm of steel into a 90deg. bend I was at least able to take it to a shop with a giant hydraulic brake and have them do the back tab, but they couldn't help me with the other 2 long bends due to the relief cuts. Apparently the edges of the cuts could damage the blade of the press and/or damage the tray. They also told me that there wasn't enough material between the bend point and the outer edge of the piece for the "V block" of the brake to get a hold of. So I had to make due with a cutting wheel, vice and some wrenches.

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I've also been sorting through the miles and miles of jenky accessory wiring hidden up under my shifter console, dashboard and under my hood. Years of "good enough" installation jobs have made a total mess of things. After spending a couple hours of my life tracing unlabeled toggle switch wiring I decided it was time to do away with the toggle switches all together. So I spent a little more money and bought an Auxbeam switch panel system.

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The Auxbeam seems like a well built system. The components all felt nice and solid, instructions were well thought out, and the packaging was really good. Unfortunately the day after I ordered it I discovered Switch-Pro. Well... then I spent a little more money...

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The Auxbeam was nice, but this Switch-Pros is on a whole different level. Not even comparable.
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So I built myself a temporary set-up to run some bench tests and teach myself the ins and outs of programming the system.
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And here we go again...
As amazing as the SP9100 is, and it IS amazing, I quickly realized once I hooked everything up, that it doesn't have a few of the key features that its big brother (the RCR Force 12) has that I was really counting on. I was initially under the impression that the two models had the same functionality with the SP9100 just being a lower output unit. I was mistaken.

So I bit down on my wallet, looked over my shoulder to see where my wife was, and pulled the trigger on an RCR 12. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sell off the two I have now once the RCR 12 arrives. But to be totally honest I can't say I haven't considered keeping the SP9100.
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