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My Steve's Jeep Country repair story (6 cyl TJ)

I recently changed my front axle oil seals and while under there, noticed that the oil pan was leaking (very rusty). After researching about how to change it, I decided not to do it myself. Too ooky. I don't have a lot of love for any local mechanics, so I decided to try SJC in Epsom NH. Contacted them via email with my specifics and soon received a quote. I also set up an appointment via email. Shortly after that, I asked them to look at the RMS and replace if necessary. Quickly received a quote for that. Dropped it off a day early to reduce scheduling conflicts (work, alternate transportation, etc.).

Steve (I think) called next day to let me know it was ready, and the RMS was fine. I scammed a ride from a coworker, and headed up. Price as quoted, no surprises, no drama.

I discovered a minor problem later. The front u-joint was crashing into the exhaust under heavy breaking. Contacted SJC, and they were able to squeeze me into the Saturday schedule. Turns out it was an easy fix, and the root cause was my (crappy) aftermarket cat-back exhaust system putting a strain on the hangers and twisting it into the u-joint. A problem I also had after changing my brakes last year.

I am happy with their level of service, and would go there again for anything I did not want to do myself.

There are a few reviews of unhappy customers of SJC, so I wanted to post my positive experience with this relatively simple (albeit ooky) repair.

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