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My Purple People Eater Build

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The Jeep's story: '98 Sport (no d44) deep amethyst pearl coat, I6, currently 64k. My uncle bought her from the dealer brand spankin new. My brothers and I, when we visited him in Illinois, would get to drive around on hot summer nights with the top down. I absolutely loved it. My uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer Thanksgiving '07. I turned 16 January '08. My dad inherited the Jeep, and I got her for my birthday. She had just under 60k, no body damage, minimal surface rust underneath, and virtually nothing wrong with her (reverse bulbs were out, thats about it). My dad and I drove down to where he lived in Illinois during winter break that year and tower her back up to Michigan on a trailer behind my dad's '06 F150.

Shortly after, we put on some 30" BFG ATs. I wanted to put a brush guard or bumper on it, and after researching for a long time, being careful about the cost, I found what I wanted. I decided against a whole new bumper due to the cost, and the fact that I didnt see the need for one. When I put this thing on, I had to remove the stock fogs, and while removing them, we busted the bolts that held them on. So I headed to autozone and picked up a pair of those Baja fogs for $25.

Here she is with the tires, brush guard, flares and fogs:

Some pics of the painting process for the flares:

Eventually, I will repaint both bumpers, and take the jugs off. I have already tried with the jugs, but the bolts just keep spinning :confused: If anyone has advice on that one, i'd love to hear it.

Edit: sawzall'd the jugs off, and painted the bumper. Page 3 for pics.

I have also replaced the factory speakers in the sound bar. I followed a guy's write up from here somewhere. I dont have pics, but i can get some if you want. (Edit: page 2 for a pic)

PLANS (eventually)
-Re-coat the frame -done
-Upgrade the d35/30
-BL, MML, skids
-Swing out tire carrier / bumper
-Possibly Raptor liner

Oh, and I also ordered a tuffy security console. The 3rd day I drove it to school, someone slashed the window and broke the console open (it wasnt even locked. there sure are some smart people out there). This was all during the school day, in the school parking lot. Sweet, right? :thumbdown: So i ordered new windows about 4 months ago, and just ordered the console.
Edit: Pics are a few posts down

Edit: also repainted the chipping passenger side mirror. Pics are a few posts down

Thanks for reading!

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This has just become my number 1 thread to look at on the daily. I too have the same color jeep as yours. I swore it was an aftermarket paint job as I have never seen this color before, didn't even find it on the Jeep website. (Must not have looked hard).

Love what your doing here, keep up the great work.
Wow, thanks man! Unfortunately, this won't be updated anywhere near 'daily'. I won't be able to even see my Jeep until August this year.
I just got news from home that my poor baby is dead :crying: Something drained the battery after sitting for about 2 months. My dad tried to jump it, but couldn't get the hood open.
New battery fix it?
New battery fix it?
Shouldn't need a new battery, I just put a Sears Optima in it last year. Something was drawing power, but I don't know what it could be, because I disconnected my sound system and security alarm.

Couldn't get the hood open?
With my TNT fenders, my hood sits a fraction of an inch lower on the grill. This makes the factory hood latch get 'stuck', and I have to reach through my grill and pop it up, then through the hood and pull the latch regularly. My dad didn't know about this so he had no idea how to open the hood.

It's all good though. I'm confident that it'll start right up with a jump. The only thing I'm worried about is having flat spots on my tires from sitting for six or seven months.

I'm planning to install an aux fuse block when I get home to really clean up all the wiring for my amp, lights, winch, and CB.
Small update today. I got her running easily enough. Since then I've installed my front Currie antirock, rear Currie JJ LCA's, new front brakes, oil change, diff fluid change, and rotated the tires :D I've also attempted three or four times at getting my front axle u-joints done, but those three unit bearing bolts are a *****! :rantscream:

Pics coming tomorrow!
Antirock and front and rear LCA's are done. Yes, I know the jam nut isn't jammed :)

When removing the factory sway bar, I couldn't get a wrench around the bolt that's almost under the grill which is holding the sway bar 'clamp' down. You can see in the AR pic how it's still attached. To get the sway bar out, I had to bend the clamp a bit, then hack saw the rubber bushing enough to where I could yank the whole thing out of the clamp. Now the bumper and winch are back on and nobody can see that ugly business :laugh:

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Just ordered a set of Bilstein 5100's from Kolak. Great vendor, quick and easy!
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