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My Hat off to any person who gets an Off Road machine, and gets it dirty !!!
I have competed and enjoyed Off Road for over 40 years, used to do that, Mud to the Top !!!, but not anymore, I now stick to tracks that are tough, but not mud. Is very hard to clean mud out, I commend you for that, I know you are having a Blast of Fun, also lots of work !!!
I just got another Jeep for the dirt, and first thing, A/C system out, condenser out !!! If I was going to have A/C, I would mount the condenser on the roof with an electric fan. You are playing with fire, almost literally, by riding with the condenser/radiator clogged. The Tranny O.C. can be mounted anywhere with an electric fan too. Anyways, is cheaper to do all this mods than replacing blown engines and Trannys.
Congrats and keep posting photos, you keep my good memories alive !!!
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