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My 85 and 81 CJ7's builds

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Here is the 85 CJ7. the PO did some kind of bedliner inside with out sanding it very good. I removed the seats so I can clean it up and spray Als liner. It came with hard doors, they are just not installed. The V8 360 has some oil leaks that will need to be fixed. I already replaced the inner seals on the front axel that was leaking.


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Here is the 81. It is my hunting jeep, but has alot of cancer. I'm installing hard doors and replacing the windshield and frame. I am also painting it with the roll on method.


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Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Where are you in Texas?
Gotta love the grenade shift knobs! You have your work cut out for you, good luck.
Yes I do. I hope I don't give up. I am south of Houston. In Matagorda county
update. I sprayed in Al's liner in both jeeps. Looks good. :2thumbsup: I fiberglassed all the rust in the huting jeep and installed some new metal on the sides. Also I painted the hunting jeep green with the roll on method. The first 3 pictures are the 85 that is going to be a DD. the others are of the 81 hunting jeep( ie POS)


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Great start on both :thumbsup:

My 83 is a retired Texas Deer Lease Jeep :D

What are your build plans for the 85?
My plan is to have the 85 as a daily driver
Are you planning on a lift, tires, new engine?
on the Green Hunting jeep (81 CJ7) no. it is a POS but runs good. The 85 is going to be a DD and it has a 4.5 inch lift and 33 inch tires. My wife is only 5' 2" so that is high enough for her.
Update. I rebuilt the 360 and it runs great. Just bought all the stuff to Team Rush it. The stearing gear box was leaking so I am replacing it and it will be on the road.
Any new photos? We're all photo hounds...
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