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Well... I've lurked on here long enough... read a ton, answered where i could and gleaned the rest from the forum greats on here.
I'm active duty in the United States Coast Guard stationed in historic Cape May NJ on one of the seemingly oldest boats in the fleet.
So this will be a slow build while money allows while not getting paid much and recently engaged. :ballchain: So far my other half is understanding with the jeep, i say that cuz she got the lift for me for Christmas. :kiss:
Now that I've had my jeep almost 3 years its time to start some basics on it.

The Jeep. Bought it used in 2008 with 18k miles on it. Its got the 6cyl with the 6spd and unfortunately 3.07 gears on it.

First thing i did when i brought it home was put some General Grabber AT2's on it for some better meat then the car street looking tires it came with from the dealership.
Next on the block was getting rid of the mirrors that were stock. Used to work with a guy who had a 97 and wanted my mirrors and i liked his square mirrors so that was a free mod. while on the clock. :cheers2:
Shortly after that being in the local volunteer fire dept was adding my blue lights. Im going to have to look for pictures of that install. Ran the power wire from the battery to a relay behind the switch panel where the locker and hard top defrost switches would be. It all ended up with a nice clean install.

Yasue 8900 Quad Band
Sirius Satalite Radio
Uniden CB
6x90watt Strobe kit for the taillights and front turnsignals
Whelen Tier 3 Blue and White LEDs in the grill
Signal Mini Phantom Blue

At some point over the past couple years I've pulled the carpets and the back seat. Removed the seatbelts from the rear so they aren't flapping in the breeze any more.

Added a 25mm ammo can in the back to hold a strap, air compressor, tire gauge and other odd and ends.

Also a year or so ago bent the front track bar up pretty good and upgraded with the ZJ Tie Rod

Now to the fun.

The Lift is the Ultimate TJ/LJ kit from DPG Off-Road I opted for the Sport Shocks and the Brown Dog MML instead of the JKS Spacers.
OME 2.5" Suspension Lift
JKS 1.25" BL
Brown Dog 1" MML
JKS Adj Trackbars (Front and Rear)
JKS Quicker Disco's
JKS Adj Rear Sway Bar Links

The Rims and Tires

BF Goodrich KM2 33x12.5r15
Black Rock Viper 900

Well that is where it currently sits... waiting patiently on the lift for me to get to it in the AM. Any comments concerns or questions are appreciated. I know the 3.07 isn't the best gearing for it, but being an E-3 in the military won't allow for that upgrade yet.

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I like your build plan. I am also an E-3 in the Coast Guard and your right, not much money for jeep upgrades.:( I just got a 97 and can't wait to start building. Semper P brother :cheers2:

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Day 1

Eventually I'm hoping to go with a HP30 and a 44 rear. Should be all i need for the light wheeling mud around here in South Jersey. Thats a few years down the road.

On to todays progress.

Got the Body Lift on and the Motor Mount Lift on. Didn't really run into any issues, just a few mixed up bolts but nothing snapped so far. The front sway bar end links are being stubborn and are going to receive some persuasion from a BFH and BF pickle fork in the morning to get them to pop out.

Also, make sure you don't loose your Lug Nut Key. Or else you need to come up with an intriguing way to get them off.

I ended up using a grinder and grinding two flat spots and put a crescent wrench on it. Going to be using black lugs instead with the black wheels so i wasn't worried about trying to save them.

Got everything removed off the front end. Using a chain to hold the axle up while removing everything. Was kinda worried about it drooping to far and ripping out the brake lines.

Thats about as far as I got today. It was nice having a few local guys willing to help either in person or as phone tech support on the lift.
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