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Moving from the TJ forum to JT forum

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Moving from the TJ forum to JT forum. Had my Gobi about two weeks and I love it. Glad to be a Gladiator.

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‘22 Gladiator / Reaper Off Road Stinger bumper - APEX 12K winch - AEV 2” lift - Core Track Bars 35’s
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That’s a beautiful Gobi Jeep.
We need to set this forum on fire. By that I mean get it excited and get it going.

There’s thousands of Gladiators on the road. No reason the “other” JT forum should have all the fun.
I had a ‘21 white Gladiator. Life was busy and I ended up with over 30K after a year and a half. So I traded for the color I wanted. Prices have gone up... So I found a soft top with manual windows and door locks. (Soft tops today are not very noisy compared to past tops.)

I had an AEV 2” spacer lift and CORE 4x4 adjustable track bars that I purchased for my ‘21, but I never got them installed because I was busy. I also got a 12K APEX synthetic rope winch from harbor freight because VALUE, and that was in a box. I had already installed a Reaper Off Road stinger winch bumper on my ‘21, so the dealer offered to swap the bumper to the new ‘22 Jeep and install the winch.
Awesome. I purchased with the intention of installing my lift and the finance guy rolled my “tire package” into my price...
I noticed it didn’t have a receiver hitch. 🤦🏼‍♂️
So I ordered a receiver from the parts department and a steel wheel to match the four on the truck.
I took it home. Installed the 2” AEV lift, track bars and I also installed Teraflex 1.75” wheel spacers to accommodate the 315/70R17 tires on stock steel wheels.
Took it back to the dealer so they could install the tires and calibrate the speedo.
I had to put the fifth wheel (matching) under the bed myself because apparently the technician told the service writer it wouldn’t fit...🤦🏼‍♂️🤬
She was not hard to look at and very pregnant, so I just took it in stride and figured she didn’t need to deal with any extra crap. 😆
Went home and wound my 35” right up under the bed no problem. 😁
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