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Mopar Performance Header Fitment on 05' WK Hemi

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Alright guys, keep an open mind here.

I found an amazing deal on Mopar Performance headers PN 312-P4510280. They sell for $1,300 plus, but they're for the 03-05 Ram Hemi. I got them for just $250 figuring the worst case scenario being that I can resell them again. They are in pristine condition and if I can make them fit on my Hemi, I would be forever happy.

You're probably thinking 'Pff, yeah right, clearance, new down pipe, not gonna fit, don't do it, negativity, you can't do it, you're dumb, stop.' But all I have is time, I can do this (I hope) and for the price, it won't take a hit be it that it doesn't go well.

If somehow you know for a fact they will never have a chance to fit, please crush my dreams politely. :rolleyes: Otherwise, I am welcome to advice. I am willing to put in hours to make it work including fabricating the rest of the exhaust.

Thanks in advance for your understanding of my lack of exhaust knowledge!

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