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Mopar Performance Header Fitment on 05' WK Hemi

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Alright guys, keep an open mind here.

I found an amazing deal on Mopar Performance headers PN 312-P4510280. They sell for $1,300 plus, but they're for the 03-05 Ram Hemi. I got them for just $250 figuring the worst case scenario being that I can resell them again. They are in pristine condition and if I can make them fit on my Hemi, I would be forever happy.

You're probably thinking 'Pff, yeah right, clearance, new down pipe, not gonna fit, don't do it, negativity, you can't do it, you're dumb, stop.' But all I have is time, I can do this (I hope) and for the price, it won't take a hit be it that it doesn't go well.

If somehow you know for a fact they will never have a chance to fit, please crush my dreams politely. :rolleyes: Otherwise, I am welcome to advice. I am willing to put in hours to make it work including fabricating the rest of the exhaust.

Thanks in advance for your understanding of my lack of exhaust knowledge!

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Interesting!! I've never heard of anyone messing with Ram headers for a Jeep. I'll give you my two cents worth, FWIW though.

---I am sure you know what a tight fit it is on the sides of the engine....especially header to frame rail clearance.
---Just looking at them, I think there may be issues farther down the long primary tubes on each header. Did these come off a 4WD Ram? If not, you'll have a lot more cutting/welding to do. Clearance around the transmission and crossmember will also be problems.
---It's good that they're not ceramic/titanium coated as, if they were, they would be a little harder to cut and reweld.
---Once you cut on them, whether they work out or not, your into it $250.
---I would highly recommend you crawl under you Jeep, headers in hand, and first just do a visual to see it there is even a remote chance they could be modified to fit.
---Next, start taking measurements, lots of a minimum, frame rails/steering to flange area on the heads, clearance distance to header "turn down", where you could connect the cats., how much you'd have to take off the long tubes to clear anything and everything, etc. etc. My custom ones are mid-length and the pretty much stock head ("Y") pipe remains in the stock position.
---Is this doable? I think so, but not without a pretty good amount of time and labor involved.
---Another down side is that to do mock-ups, you'll have to take yours apart and let it sit until you can finish it and put it back together. That could take quite a bit of time. When they did mine, the muffler shop had the vehicle almost a month and they worked on it as they had time. They had to cut, tack weld, fit check, modify over and over until everything fit. The driver's side is by far the worst, because of the steering.

I am sure there is a lot more stuff to consider, but this is just a small sample of what you're likely to encounter. Good luck and let us know what you come up with.
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