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Mississippi folks: Red Creek Off-Road

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Ever been to the park? How is it? Big? Worth me driving 95 miles when I go back home over Labor Day weekend? I have a stock 07 Rubicon right now.
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i haven't been there but it is mostly an atv park. you can ride in jeep and trucks but i can tell you on labor day weekend you won't be able to move at that place. they are having their annual atv mudfest and it will be packed.
I went there today. It is a very, very difficult area to wheel in. MASSIVE mud holes, I fell off in one the first 10 minutes I was there. After I asked around enough, I found the higher ground but I still probably won't go back. It is too much even for my RE 4.5 lift and 33" tires. The trails aren't that long but I didn't ride the entire park. Mostly there were atv's but there was a little gaggle of Jeeps and other off road trucks but they were sky scrapers and looked old and beat up. Not a place to take a nice newer model Jeep. I spent two hours just hosing off mud, totally trashed my TJ (dirt and mud wise) but I guess that is what it's for. Would like to find some better roads that aren't quite so wet. It's a mud fest area, mud everywhere.
haven't been there yet but friends tell me that you have to have a pretty serious mud rig when you go. Also it is almost a garantee that you will break something.
ive been to red creek with my atv and yes the mud is ridiculous. pretty fun but if i take my jeep there ima need to upgrade axles or else i will break it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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