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mirror relocation troubles (JK)

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I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JK) and bought mirror relocation mounts so that I can relocate the mirrors and take the doors off. THe problem I have is that I have the mirrors that turn in or out (spring loaded) and cant seem to seperate the upper part of the mirror from the lower part of the mirror.

Has anyone successfully relocated theirs and can tell me how to take the mirror apart?
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Ya, just put my Rugged Ridge relocaters on my 09. it's kind of a pain to do as the mirrors are glued in to the door mount.

The instructions reccomended rocking the mirrors back and fourth slowly which may or may not have helped too much.

Eventually on my passenger side i put a small screwdriver in the hole where i removed the torx screw and lightly tapped it upward to loosen the mirror from the mount. Give it some good force but be careful not to drop the mirror or let it pop off on you.

Looking back I kind of wish I just bought a single aftermarket mirror to go on my driver side after I take the doors off. the mirrors are hard to look out of relocated and switching them between the door and the windshield is quite a hassle
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