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So I bought myself a few Christmas presents: two of which include the Mygig Lockpick for my WK and a raspberry pi mini computer. This thing is pretty sweet, it's a tiny little computer powered over a micro USB port. I've been thinking and doing a little research and I think I've got a pretty cool idea. Some of this is probably just my ramblings, but I need to get these ideas down (bear with me here).

So I take the video composite out (RCA) and audio out (3.5mm headphone jack to RCA adapter ) and plug these into one of the Lockpicks inputs (I think the newest version has 3 inputs, each of them a video, right audio, and left audio). Now I've got the raspberry pi using my Mygig screen for video. Then I'm thinking I buy one of these. A rechargeable wireless keyboard/trackpad combo (it's even backlit!). Now I can control the raspberry pi wirelessly very easily.

Next I load up my 32gb SD card with movies and watch them with VLC media player! I can even get a 3/4G cell card for the raspberry pi and passengers can browse the web, all from inside my WK. This would enable the use of web services like Pandora and Grooveshark as well. Another possibility is to get a Wifi dongle for the raspberry pi and tether it to a cell phone's data connection.

The raspberry pi also has GPIO pins that you can control switches, servos, and relays with. I was thinking I could hook up a couple relays to it and control lights (or anything really). I'm a Software Engineer for a living, so I'm confident that I could program the board to control lights, and even do cool things like make them flash in a pattern or make them flash with the music (totally useless, but cool).

I see one little problem with this setup that I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. I'd hate to have a USB cord running from a 12V charger into the glove box where the raspberry pi would be. Does anyone know of a way that I could wire something up behind my dash (or even in the glove box) to take 12V from the cigarette lighter and convert it to micro USB (I believe that's 5V)?

I'm interested in anybodys thoughts, criticisms, or ideas!
Seems to me you are not interested in anybody's thoughts, criticisms or ideas...if so please do not indicate in your thread that you are.

Quantum provide you some thoughts. You then proceeded to call him a d**k. Lighten up and remember this is a public forum and when you finish your post looking for "thoughts, criticisms, or ideas" be prepared for ones that you do not agree with or ones that may educate you.

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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