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Milestar - Milestar Patagonia MT [$225]

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Product Information
Price $225
Manufacturer Milestar
Company website

I bought these after seeing how they performed on other people's Jeeps off road. Can't beat the price, <$200 a tire at Wall of China mart. Got mine at DT for peace of mind for a little more. Decent tires on road, good off road. I only give them decent on road because to get a full contact patch on my heavy JKU have to run them at 17/15 PSI F/R. This is for their load range C 38x13.50-17 on a 17x9 wheel, on a heavy JKU! Any more than that and the tread crowns and only your center lugs are in contact with the road. This will cause them to wear quickly and since I don't have a full contact patch, I'm not getting full traction on the road. I hadn't heard this before but have seen a little on it after I really started searching. I emailed Milestar about this and have not gotten a response.
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