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Mile Hi Jeep Club

3130 Youngfield Street
Wheatridge Colorado, 80215

Click Here For Official Website

Contact Name:Cory Moul
President Name:

Meeting Location:Maple Grove Grange
Meeting Date:3rd Thursday of each month
Meeting Time:7:30pm


Club Type:General 4x4
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:1957
Yearly Fees:$50


On August of 1956, Kurland Motors sent out an informational letter to Jeep owners. With the help of the grapevine, a surprising 500 jeepers packed the Kurland Motors showroom. The consensus that night was to form the first four-wheel drive club in the State of Colorado and Mile-Hi Jeep Club was born. Our official registered logo is a red, white, and blue representation of a Jeep climbing 14,264 foot Mt. Evans, with Mt. Elbert in the background.

The purpose of the Mile Hi Jeep Club of Colorado is to:

Unite adventure-loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities.

Educate its members in the proper manner of all road driving.

Protect, and preserve the natural beauty and terrain.

Participate, on a voluntary basis, in search and rescue and other humanitarian missions, as the community needs.

Share good fellowship while operating our vehicles in a manner to preserve and protect our land for all generations.

Extend the courtesy of the open road to all.

Enrollment Requirements
To join the club, simply show up at the monthly meeting and pay the dues for the first year. Dues include membership to the CA4WDCI and COHVCO.
Equipment Requirements
At the minimum, you should have front & rear tow hooks & a full size spare tire. Spare fluids such as oil, diff fluid, and brake fluid also.
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