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After many requests, we finally saw the light and would like to introduce you to the Metalcloak Oil Pan Skid for the Jeep 4.0L engine.

Compatible with most 4.0L Configurations including TJ/LJ/MJ/XJ/YJ/ZJ/WJ, there may be minor modifications needed depending on your exhaust set up.

A simple, yet effective design, the Oil Pan Skid is:

  • Laser cut
  • 7GA steel
  • CNC formed
  • Bolt on (no welding required)
  • 3 times the strength of OE brackets
  • Mounts to existing attachment points
  • Clear Zinc for the best corrosion protection

As always, your feedback is appreciated. :2thumbsup:

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Where do the front mounts mount to? Block? Advantages over the XYZ option?
You are correct, it mounts securely to the block in the front and the tranny case in the rear.

Ultimately a skid-plate is a skid-plate and most companies make great and effective products.

We've focused on ease of installation with slotted mounting holes in some locations and white zinc for a rust-proof finish.

Just another offering that we hope our customers will enjoy.
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