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Members in S.W Washington .

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Just Wanted to check to see who is on the list in the Clark , Cowlitz , Lewis area ?

Getting ready to be hitting the trail again soon after finishing some final touches on the yj . Wanted to know who I might run in to on the trail .
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XarmyjeeperX said:
Im on lewis north. I got the 98 black hard top 4in lift with 33 bfg all terrains.
I'm on main post. Have a 97 XJ stock for now
I'm from Arlington but I will travel wherever I need to throw my lj off the road :) let me know when you go out in the trail I'll tag along
Iam over by the spanaway area would love to take my yj out new to this area been down in the dessert. So dont know any trails besides elbe but no winch yet so cant risk the lone wolf adventure lol.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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