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Meet and greet / Wings, Etc

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Tuesday July 12. Dirty Birds at 6499 El Cajon Blvd. 7pm

This is an officially sanctioned event and attendance will be taken.
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Jeff, fix the title to your threat its Tuesday, not Wed. Attendance might be light on Wed.
Thx. this was a generic thread but I deleted about 5 pages of old posts.
Point of order

That's the middle of the Allstar game.

I vote to postpone.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday work for me

WJdesertracer can't do any of those days but I say forget him!
Agreed. Showing up at a sports bar tomorrow night looking for a table for 8 or so is a recipe for disaster. tentative Wednesday? confirm tomorrow.

As I recall last time we went it was Dan's idea then he didn't show
Clearly the person that proposed this meet up wasn't paying attention to the most important sporting event in SD this year. Oh, wait, that was ME.

Wed would work for me. But, i'm flexible. Next week works too.
Wednesdays are always good for me.
So, reschedule for tomorrow then?
Just found out about this.

On my way shortly. It's a hike from RB especially with all this traffic.
Tonight, 9/13. Wings at Dirty Birds on El Cajon Blvd. 6-630

Everyone is invited, except for Ron.
I won't be able to make this one Jeff.

However, I'll be out for ~9 days in Oct & Nov, so maybe if there's another in that timeframe I'll join.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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