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Mechanic Says My Engine Is Dying :(

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:crying2: My 1996 Jeep Country started to sputter a few days ago so I called my mechanic. When he took a look, and did a pressure test, he said three misfires happened and two of them are running at about 70-90 psi. I scheduled for him to do a tune-up (plugs, wires, distributor, rotor) to at least help it. He told me that it will still eventually end up the same. Any suggestions? Am I screwed? :confused:
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Until a leakdown test is performed to find out where the compression is escaping to, there is no way to tell. Might be as simple as a couple of burnt valves and a head rebuild will fix it. Could be as indepth as the piston rings/cylinder wall are excessively worn and you will need a complete engine rebuild. Until more testing is done we can't give anything more than a speculative guess on what the problem is and what it will cost to fix. If the body/trans/interior are all in good shape, then a reman motor or a rebuild is cheaper than 6 mo payment on a new car.
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