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Price $280
Pros None
Cons Broke after 14 days
Recommended no

Comments: The planet gears inside the unit fell apart and locked up after 14 days in service. Sent back to MG per their warranty procedure. I then waited and waited and waited.............and waited. I called to ask when I could expect the unit back numerous times over the course of two months. I always got connected to someone who was unable to help since the person in charge of warranties was never there. I left repeated messages and emails but never received any response. I finally was in contact with someone in charge and they promised to send a replacement out that day. A week later I received a refurbished unit that was in rough looking condition. I was not happy but I was tired of dealing with MG. I will not put the refurbished unit on my TJ. An "el cheapo" Advanced Auto starter has been on the TJ for 6 months with no issues. If I buy another performance starter or alternator, it will be a Powermaster. Mean Green = bad product and piss-poor customer service.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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