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Price $299.99
Rating 5
Pros - Made in the USA!
- Lightweight
- Very strong
Cons None
Recommended yes

Comments: As I pointed out, I still think the starter is excellent... I just got a defective one... stuff happens. My apologies to Quadratec... I misunderstood their return policy. Spoke with customer service this morning and a new starter is on its way! No hassles at all.
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Funny that I can't recommend the product yet I think it is excellent!

My beef isn't with the starter... I just got one that isn't good. The problem is with the return policy... from Quadratec, it cost $44 to ship it. It will cost $44 to return it and $44 to get a new one shipped. I'm just getting my money back, call the first $44 a lesson learned and then buy a stock starter.

Still plan to purchase a Mean Green alternator when that day comes!
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