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Mean Green Mean Green Performance Starter [$299]

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Price $299
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Average Price $300.86
Manufacturer Mean Green
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1972-86 CJ 6 cylinder and 304 V8 engine, 1984-87 XJ Cherokee 4.2L 6 cylinder engine, 1987 YJ Wrangler 6 cylinder engine. For AMC 232 or 258, 6 cylinder and 1972-82 AMC, V8 engines. With a 4.4 to 1 gear reduction, this Starter will provide 100% more torque than your Jeep's original starter. The motor and gear assembly features: 5 sealed bearings that reduce wear and improve reliability; heat resistant, integrated solenoid that continues to operate at extreme temperatures; better oil pan and exhaust clearance because the starter is 1/3 smaller than stock. Also features a unique mounting system that allows for rotation in 20 degree increments for improved header clearance. Mean Green provides a 2 year, unconditional guarantee. Assembled in the USA.


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Price $299
Rating 5
Recommended yes

Comments: What a difference in my Jeep's starting! 100% more torque than the OEM starter.
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