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I am trying to arrange a Master Tread Trainer Class in the general NJ/NY area.

Jason Ketterick from Tread Lightly! is going to come over from Utah and provide the training, food, beverages, etc.


There are almost no trainers in the NY/NJ area, especially compared to say CA, CO, etc.

I feel that there's a large demand for Tread Lightly! training around here...and, I want to DO something about it.

There are no prerequisites to take the class, anyone can do it...and then be able to train others. The class teaches everything you need to know to get started, and Tread Lightly! continues to provide support afterwards too.

Its a two day class, it costs $75, and its given on a weekend typically.

We're probably looking to have the class in the Fall.

We are flexible as to where it would be, I'm leaning towards having it at the Wharton State Forest Ranger Station, but, depending on WHO wants the training, and where THEY are coming from, I'll move the location to where most of us are closer to, etc.

We have ~ 12 spots to fill, I'll take one, so that leaves 11 remaining spots to fill.

The first 11 people to make a commitment to saving our off road access get dibs on where and when we DO the class.

Who here is also sick of the closing of off road place after off road place?

Who here wants to fight back?

Tell me if you're ready to fight, and, when in the Fall 2012 would be best for YOU.
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