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Price $150
Pros make you own maps!!! TOPO, satellite, GPS, any map you like
Cons firmware upgades have killed 3 of my Tritons
Recommended no

Comments: I have had 7 of these units, I started with a 400 and after the first 5 Magallen upgraded me to a 500. I really have only had one 500 go bad and the rest have been 400s. If Magallen would do a better job on the firmware these units would be great. There is extra software that makes maps from MSN maps or Google maps and puts them together for you to use in the device. There is also a cool website
that gives you step by step instructions on creating your own maps. I also found a great tutorial on how to bring in regions from the old Sportrak topo software into the Triton. The units are average at best but very flexable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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