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MA --> KOH, I have 3 extra spots for quads

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(If this is the wrong place to post this, I am sorry. Just let me know & I'll move it, my bad.)


I have room on my trailer, that I am bringing to KOH this year. I am traveling out there with my camper and car trailer; bringing 3 quads of my own. I can fit 6.

Therefore I have room for 3 more.

• Leaving MA on the 26th, arriving on the 30th.
(Need the quad ASAP, picking up registrations on the drive into the lakebed.)

• Leaving the lakebed on the 6th and arriving home on the 9th.
(Date are "ish", no guarantees with being exact. Will be within 36 hours though.)

I live in Carver, MA 02330.

This is where the quad can be dropped off/picked up.

I have TONS of references (people who are driving in the KOH race, Side by Side Race, Off Road Supply companies (4x4GroupBuy), 4x4 Clubs, NEA people, etc.)

$275 Round Trip.
Must supply 4 *New* 1" Ratchet Straps per Quad.
• You can strap 2 gas cans & one flat plastic tote per quad (to make flying out there a bit easier, if you are flying.)

eMail me @ [email protected]
(I'm not great with PM's here, I don't log in often.)
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This is cross posted with other sites/fb pages.

Doesn't have to be ATV's, can be a sbs (more $ though, as it's bigger) $350 round trip

DirtBikes are same price as ATV's - $275 round trip
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