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Price $1200
Rating 1
Pros looks good
Cons everything els. especially customer service.
Recommended no

Comments: worst buying experience of my life. jaimie logan is brutal. first bumper I bought was missing welds and buckled from a very minor impact. but this was covered by insurance. sooo I stupidly ordered another front and rear from them and was told 1 week they would be shipped out. 6 weeks and no bumper. 7 weeks bumpers come. powdercoat "$100 extra each" is full of chips. and NO MOUNTING BRACKETS FOR EITHER BUMPER!!!!! or the hardware I paid $60 for. Jamie apologized and said they would be shipped out asap. 3 weeks go by before I get the brackets and all the hardware was wrong. DO NOT BUY FROM LOGANS METAL. F#%@ing amateurs. :thumbdown:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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