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Price $325
Pros Good looking, good price, easy install
Cons probably could of had more side bracing to keep a side impact from folding the corners.
Recommended yes

Comments: Back in June of 2010 when I was looking for a bumper I was wanting to go cheep, but I also knew later on I wanted to add a winch. Winch bumpers aren't as cheep as they used to be though. So when looking all I was finding was over $500, wasn't willing to pay that much. So me and my dad started looking at all the DIY bumpers that were around the web, we were considering getting one of them until we saw the LMP bumpers on eBay (before they finally get booted off for good, and didn't come back). There bumpers looked good, and they were having a sale on a winch bumper with a winch plate for only around $325 with free shipping. So we ended up getting it, we wanted to add the bolts, but we ended up only getting 1/2 the email answered witch told up the size. So we has a small problem there because getting the bolts were about $60 at Lowe's. But with all the bad stuff I heard, that was the only problem with them, came within 1.5 weeks and had it installed the next day after I painted it.

Overall good, though, bumper. Used it to pull people out of the mud with the D-Rings and used the D-Ring tabs to push a 6+ inch lifted '78 bronco (not running) down the street so me and my friend could fix it. I'm happy with it.

Here are some OLD (6/2010) pictures.

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