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I bought my TJ back in May and i have realized that my shocks are due for a replacement i was told by the previous owner that there is a 4in RC (rough country) lift on it. I want to try Rancho shocks. Would it be bad for my jeep having Rancho shocks with all other lift parts being RC? So far i strongly dislike RC because the driving is pretty dang rough! Help!! #JeepOn
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You can use any shock you like. I have the Rancho 9000XL shocks on my TJ and really like them.

What size tires and what is the PSI at?

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As said above, there is no magic to the name on the outside of the part if it is the right size and appropriate for your vehicle. Rancho shocks can be a decent option (depending on model), but one thing you do have to be careful of is length. If you go by Rancho's recommendations there have been many incidents of people ending up with shocks that are too long, resulting in limited uptravel and an uncomfortable ride. Ideally, all shocks should be purchased by measuring your jeep and then buying based on the compressed and extended lengths that fit for you rather than going by generic recommendations.
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