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Lets See All Your Lifted Liberty KJ's!!!

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I'm getting some new 31" Goodyear Duratrac shoes for the CRD in a couple days and wanted to see what others have done and what it might look like afterwords. Noticed there are alot of other vehicle specific lift threads here, but none here for KJ's. Sure, a generic owners pic thread, but none specifically for lifted Liberty's with bigger tires. I'll go 1st!!!

Stock (the day I brought it home)

Lifted 2.5" on 235/75-16 Firestone AT's

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Anybody on here have any 235/85R16 tires on their Liberty?

How about 33x9.50?

Looking at these, I can see the toll a Massachusetts Winter takes on the underside. Some of these look pristine compared to mine!
with 4.10 gearing and 4 inches of lift you can run 235-85-16s
33s you need 4.56s to have any power at all

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Thank you. I looked at the page and seems that they are no selling lift kits for Liberty anymore.

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Are You sure? Try to select Cherokee - it is European Liberty :wink2:

See Catalogue MiniMag Vol. 18.1 AusWeb.pdf, page 3, JEEP/Cherokee Liberty KJ $990 (Last updated 01/05/2019)


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2.5”-3” lift over all

OME Springs
OME Struts
Rocky Road Outfitters Upper Control Arms

Wheels are 16”x9” Black Rock steel wheels with 4.25” back spacing.

Tires are 265/75/16 Interco Super Swamper Irok ND tires.

Also pretty much rebuilt the whole front end. MOOG everything, upper and lower ball joints, tire rod ends, lower control arm bushings and wheel hubs.

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