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Largest tire w/out a lift?!

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Hi All -

I just purchased a new '01 Ltd. 4.7L with only 53,000 miles! I have big plans for this baby, but first things first. I need TIRES.

Anyone know what the largest All-Terrain tires I can get under this without a lift? It has 235/65r17 now, and its pitiful. HELP!
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2"BB 31x10.5x15 on Cragar soft 8's. Minimal trimming and I only really trimmed because in reverse the tires would rub the lower corner of the bumper. Good clean fit. For the front you dont really need to worry too much about the offset of a Cragar as long as you dont disco the front sway bar. My back tires still tuck nicely into my fenders and dont rub all that much. However I would suggest bending the inner lip of the fender up a bit so that tire fits even better.

But as a reminder, my tires did rub my fenders and my bumper depending on how hard you are flexing. So when I would really test my jeep and disconnect the sway bar I remove my fenders as not to damage them. Also my idea of a little rubbing might be a lot of rubbing for you. Cruise through a lot of these forums. This question has been asked before many times.

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