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Largest tire w/out a lift?!

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Hi All -

I just purchased a new '01 Ltd. 4.7L with only 53,000 miles! I have big plans for this baby, but first things first. I need TIRES.

Anyone know what the largest All-Terrain tires I can get under this without a lift? It has 235/65r17 now, and its pitiful. HELP!
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If your plans include a lift, I would get the cheapest ones possible if you really need them. Especially if you are going to do the lift relatively soon. The only reason why I say this, is because I was in your situation. I really needed tires, I bought 4 new tires ( a good set). 4 months later, I lifted the jeep 2" and got another set of tires. I am kicking myself in the ***. Now I have 4 practically new tires sitting in my basement. That's an extra $500 that I could have used for mods or put towards a bigger lift!
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