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Let's not let freedom walk away
on this Labor Day

Labor Day is a federal holiday that celebrates the contributions of the American worker to our economic and social condition....but I just can't help but wonder how on earth the "average worker" can celebrate much under these economic times where our own government seems to be ruining so much of what we enjoy in America. Not everyone in government is responsible for this mess, and some of it belongs to us, the tax payers. But for goodness sake, can we endure much more of this "celebration?"

I say NO, we can't endure more; that it is time for real change; and that it is time for Americans to be running America with politicians who stand behind our freedoms and ability to earn a decent living.

I say NO, we can't endure more of any politician who flat does not support the American way of life.

So for this Labor Day, I suggest you join me in re-committing yourself to fight back for freedom; for America; for our ability to be proud of our economy; and for your future. Let's rejuvenate that groups that fight for us and for what you believe in. Let's join up and renew our memberships. And let's un-elect some politicians that just don't get it.

If you are an off-roader, be sure to also support our Trail PAC as well because the 2012 elections are about as important as any we've ever faced:

Labor Day is supposed to be about the American worker; I say let the voice of the worker be heard.

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If that's a non committal way of talking politics while bring up exposure for what appears to be an off-road special interest group, I commend you!
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