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[email protected]@K - Better than WDforty - PB b last er and a diy mod too

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Better than WD-40!? I think so, better than PBblaster. You be the judge.....

I was searching for a DIY cheaper alternative to expensive and quickly used up cans of wdforty and and PB blaster. Found this formula somewhere and saved the cliff notes. Sharing it with you good people.

Make a HOMEMADE 50/50 mix of

1. Brake fluid
2. Transmission fluid

Simple. Easy. Put in equal amounts in your choice of appropriate applicator, such as....

Put in a squirt lube type gun or, get a squirt bottle with viton or other oil resistant type seals for best results.

Apply liberally, as needed.

This penetrating diy mixture is cheap to make in bulk and will bust rusted bolts and nuts loose as well or better than PB blaster IMO.

Note: Give it some time to work, It just needs to sit and penetrate to do its job.

If this tip helps you and saves you money please post your comments below.

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