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KMA Offroad Jeep Club
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Va. Beach Virginia, 23456

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Contact Name:Gary W. Sumner
President Name:Gary W. Sumner

Meeting Location:Roaming
Meeting Date:1st Sunday of every month
Meeting Time:10:00am


Club Type:Jeep Exclusive
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:2004
Yearly Fees:$50 Yearly


KMA was established by 2 brothers and a coz.

We are a Jeep Club that will foster friendships, promote camaraderie and endorse the sharing of knowledge through a foundation that is built on integrity, community involvement, and unity. To unite all 4 wheel drive Jeep owners who seek to use, protect and preserve public trails for the sport of motorized off-roading. To encourage sharing of off-roading knowledge, provide fellowship, both locally and nationally, and to provide a comprehensive knowledge base of experience and fabrication techniques for customizing Jeep off-road vehicles. We will accomplish this by offering a family oriented outlet for new and veteran Jeep owners to not only garner information about their vehicles and the sport, but will first and foremost; offer the opportunity for its members, and their families, to join in activities that involve off-road driving.

Enrollment Requirements
Must have a Jeep in the family
Equipment Requirements
Required before a trail run as noted on site.
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