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Dear Jeep Forum,

I hope you are all well, my Jeep (2003 KJ) continues to run great, but recently had a problem with the ignition, fortunately I found some help on youtube, it seems I need to replace the "Ignition Actuator Switch Key Pin"

When searching a fix online the first video i found enabled me to start the car:

Luckily the video above links to another video which seems to show the exact issue I have and how to fix the Ignition Actuator Switch Key Pin issue:

I bought the part and attempted the fix. Sadly, The problem I am having is I seem to have some additional welded metal (Kiltech Lock shield) around my ignition and the steering wheel, this lock shield does not seem to be visible on the youtube video hence I am assuming it could be an extra security (added) for a European (British) model?

Sadly this has halted me from repairing my Jeep, currently not ideal for starting the vehicle, my missus is not keen with the hot wiring from the engine! :wink2: does anyone know a workaround? Can I even fix this issue? I am worried its not possible to access the ignition. If anyone has any knowledge I would be grateful for some advice.

If the worst case scenario is I cannot budge the lock shield, can I get an easier way to hotwire the car from inside the jeep?

I have attached some pictures which I hope will highlight the welded metal.

Thanks for any tips.



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