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kill switch for tj

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hello fellas

i was just wondering, somebody on here had a referance to a kill switch that basicly replaces what i believe is the starter relay, and is controlled by a key fob.

now i could be wrong it could of been just a relay that you splice in but i think having a kill switch on a key fob instead of hidding a switch somewhere is really freaking cool

Anybody knows about this or share my same outlook :2thumbsup:

thanks for your help guys

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JC Whitney sells them. Last time I looked they had one for my 1999 TJ. Only problem I see is if someone steals your keys, with fob attached, they can steal your Jeep as well if someone is trying to steal your Jeep and you're close enough for the fob to enable the fuel relay. I went with something else, because of those two issues.
What solution did you go with?
I used the hidden switch that disables the fuel relay(if I remember correctly). The design uses a couple of relays and I believe I found the link or instructions here on Jeep Forum. It was the one that used a magnet or remote control to enable the circuit, but I used a hidden switch(momentary) instead. Nice thing is that every time you shut off the ignition you have to press the switch to start the Jeep.
thats does not make any sense , what are the chances of someone stealing your car keys to steal your car, and if so, with the keys you can steal any car, and on the secon scenario of someone is stealing your car while you are close to it you have other things to worry about cuz you are probably dead or in the trunk jeje
What I was trying to say is that if someone takes your keys or finds them and tries to steal your vehicle. If you have a hidden switch that disables your fuel pump they still can't steal it. Also if the range on the fob is too far and you're standing near your Jeep(but can't see it) and someone tries to steal it, well guess what.
A momentary switch on a fuel relay? Wouldn't you have to hold that switch for as long as you wanted fuel in the engine, or am I missing something?
The kill switch circuit has two relays, they are wired so that they latch the circuit 'On' when the momentry switch is depressed with the ignition switch in the On or Start position(12v is supplied to the circuit via the ignition switch). When the ignition switch is shut off the circuit is reset and you need to turn on the ignition switch and press the button again to start the engine. Very nice solution.
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