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Price $89.99
Rating 5
Pros -Far Superior Clarity & Responsivness
-High Durability
-Nicely Packaged
Cons -No Mounting Screws (You will need to run to a hardware store and buy 8 #8 3/4" screws for a perfect fit/install...costs apx. $2)
Recommended yes

Comments: Aside from the minor but extremely straight forward and simple modifications required to fit this 6.5" sub into the stock TJ subwoofer box, this is a superb upgrade from the stock subwoofer. The level of clarity and responsiveness is very high, even if running off of the stock amplifier (I'm currently doing this). Along with the sub comes a rear plate with kicker logo pressed into it and an adhesive pad for it, two yellow windshield decals and two regular decal like stickers. All of this comes nicely packaged, very visually appealing.

One con, the Kicker sub does not come with screws for mounting =(. But for about $2 dollars you can run to Home Depot or any other store of that nature and find 8 #8 3/4" screws which fit perfectly in the pocketed mounting holes on the sub itself and allows for a perfect mount into the factory sub. box.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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