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Kenbo's AtoZ cage install.

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Here is the formal thread for my cage install for those who have not seen it.

I ordered the cage kit from Zach at AtoZ Fabrication and it sat in my garage for over a month prior to me getting time to fit it (work and school are killers).

Here is the kit, fresh out of the box.

Fitting the upper bars to go to the windshield.

The stock windshield mount gets fitted to the other end of this piece. The OD of the mount fits the ID of the DOM tubing in the kit.

Next comes the center hoop

Next comes the upper windshield bar and intermediates from that to the center hoop.

Once that's all welded, the A-pillars are next. THIS TAKES TIME!

cut the dash, trim some metal stuff the tubing in (multiple times) mark and trim a little at a time. This goes to the base plate in the floor bottom base plate is the AtoZ rocker guard (if you have them) if not, standard steel plate.

Here is Andrew doing some fitment.

Next is the bottom windshield intermediate.

The handles are cake, haha.

The rear half of the cage is simple as it comes...... Pretty cut and dry, ask questions if you have any.

That is pretty much it...... I was too busy to take a ton of pictures but I can answer any install questions or snap certain pictures to help explain anything.

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No choice in the matter.....

Look at the dash around the gauge cluster, it's about 1.5" taller than the passenger side. I left a .5" gap above that so I could take the plastic off if I ever need to. I didn't want the tubing resting directly on the plastic trim.
Cool. I have a really similar cage design and was able to tuck mine down further without it resting on plastic. It provides a little more visibility, but you're right, it is a pain to remove the plastic trim.

Yours turned out really good. I came very close to going with the A to Z cage myself.

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The angle of the a-pillars must be a couple degrees different than the AtoZ cage. That's a nice looking cage as well, which one is it?
Yeah I was just looking closer at your pictures and I think it is due to the difference in our a-pillar angles. Great job though man. It looks really good. Mine isn't a kit, but it is influenced by the AtoZ design
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