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Justa 68 CJ5

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Figured I would say hello here :) Long story short, this was a craigslist find! The guy I purchased this from was having a tough battle with cancer God Bless him and his family! I must say that I am proud to own this, and look forward to many trips! Best part is that it fit in the garage and the wife did not get mad!

The good stuff!

1968 CJ5
283 V8 with TBI
SM 420 tranny
DANA 300 Twin Stick with 4:1
Wheelbase stretched 4"
Dana 44s from a SCOUT with 4.88s and Detroits, chromolly
Final Crawl ration 128:1
35x12.50r15 Goodyear Wrangler MTRs "old style"
mounted on Bart Racing Bead Locks
Custom "classic" Bumpers with a warn m8000
Crossover steering linkage with heim joints.
Custom Roll Cage, best top seats, tilt steering etc.

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That rock garden looks like a blast. Here in PA we don't have anything real close besides some pretty cool mud holes. I can't imagine you had any trouble with the size of your tires. They look beastly. Going back to the stinger. I plan on doing a custom one myself for my cj-7. Did you have any problems or any tips to make it go smoothly when building it?
For the stinger, luckily My frame is boxed in the front/rear which made it very simple. The most important part is making sure your bends are perfect on both sides so you will have a centered stinger I went with 1 7/8" tube since it was 75 cents cheaper per foot over 2" any exact questions please feel free to ask!
Check these quick clips out!

This is how the garage currently looks... Random wife video bomb.

That is a wrap...

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nice build so far!!
Attended the wounded warrior event this past weekend, got a ton of wheeling in! Broke a hub loading it back on the trailer...

A few short video clips. There are a few pictures of my Jeep floating around the internet... Might have gone viral...
What springs do you have? Sorry if I missed it in the build
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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