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Justa 68 CJ5

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Figured I would say hello here :) Long story short, this was a craigslist find! The guy I purchased this from was having a tough battle with cancer God Bless him and his family! I must say that I am proud to own this, and look forward to many trips! Best part is that it fit in the garage and the wife did not get mad!

The good stuff!

1968 CJ5
283 V8 with TBI
SM 420 tranny
DANA 300 Twin Stick with 4:1
Wheelbase stretched 4"
Dana 44s from a SCOUT with 4.88s and Detroits, chromolly
Final Crawl ration 128:1
35x12.50r15 Goodyear Wrangler MTRs "old style"
mounted on Bart Racing Bead Locks
Custom "classic" Bumpers with a warn m8000
Crossover steering linkage with heim joints.
Custom Roll Cage, best top seats, tilt steering etc.

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If the distributor is located at the front of the motor, it's a Ford. If it's near the firewall, Chevy. Also, the exhaust ports will be evenly spaced on the Ford small block, whereas the Chevy will have the two center ports on each side close to one another.

Cool rig!
Thanks for the info buddy, I will take a look and get a few pictures when I get home. I wanna say the distributor is near the firewall.
If so, it's definitely not a Ford. And for it to be a Chevy 283 would be a bit of a rarity, although cool.

Like Dave said, I was able to use casting numbers on my block and heads to determine the approximate age and model my engine parts came from. In my case, the heads and block came from very different vehicles so keep that possibility in mind.
The fact that the distributor is in the rear tells me it's more than likely a Chevy. It's definitely not a Ford. So it's not likely a 289. A Chevy 283 is certainly a possibility....especially if the motor swap was done a long time ago.
Personally, there's a couple things I'd change...

Do you really need an axe and/or shovel that often on the trail? If not, I wouldn't have them on there at all. The axe could potentially be a safety hazard in a variety of ways. The shovel could, too, but maybe a bit less so. I wouldn't (didn't) worry about carrying either. But if you do need them I'd find a much more secure method and maybe less obvious location for them.

I would also change your Hi-Lift mount. At the very least I'd find a way to rotate it 90* and use more fasteners to secure it. As it is, if someone rear ends you at a bit of an angle, you or your passenger could get speared. A mounting method like this would suffice:

Just my two cents...
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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