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Just finished installing my Rough country 4in lift(with pics)... Have a few questions

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I have finished installing the rc 4in lift and i have to say i am pleased with how it turned out. It wheels nice too!

more recent pictures from last wheeling trip some are my buddies jeeps:

Before lift:


Its much higher and looks great. Although it was anything but easy going. Since ive wheeled it and the jeep is an 01 there was a ton of rusty bolts, a few of which i broke. This brings me to a few questions:

1)I broke one bolt on the rear right upper shock mount and half the bolt is in the body nut still. Any suggestions other then drill it a get a tap? What size tap?

2)With all my horrible luck my torque wrench never clicked when tightening the last lower control arm bolt (arm to body) on the driver rear and i ended up twisting it in half and welding part of it to the frame which made the hole 1.5mm smaller and i had to re-drill the hole. Since jeep wanted $35 for new lower control arm bolt and nut and could not get it until wednesday or thursday i went to O'reilly's and picked up a grade 5 metric bolt (although it says 8.8 on the head of the bolt) for $2 with the exact same OD as the stock bolt (13.75mm). My question is should this just be a temporary fix or would the grade 5 (or 8.8?) metric bolt be strong enough to withstand off road use?

3) Again with my rusty bolt twisting luck i broke the drag link bolt that attaches to the axle as i was removing it. I ended up using one of the bolts from the rough country lift. It says 8.8 on the head of the bolt. My question is will this bolt be strong enough?

Other then the above problems install wasn't half bad just very time consuming as the amount of work is deceiving. After 14 hours of non stop work, some cursing, a few "cold refreshments", and no sleep for a night we finally got everything installed and it finally looks like an off road beast.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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I have the same lift and I love it. I dont know why people seek out and bash this lift.

Also, in one picture with your wheel off the ground, you can get more flex if you disconnect your sway bar links. I made some DIY disconnects following a thread on here somewhere.
Just wondering how much more flex would i gain by disconnecting the sway bar links?
Just wondering how much more flex would i gain by disconnecting the sway bar links?
you gain a lot of flex disconecting the sway bar links. I just took mine out yesterday and tested that out on my new RC 4 inch lift.
Here is a couple pics for ya disconnected

Hope this helps
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I also just finished my rc 4" x series and have a couple questions. I set the lower control arms to 16-3/8 in the rear and my track bar is now most likely going to tear off or bend a portion of the stock gas tank skid when the suspension droops and the track bar drops down. It appears I may have to shorten the lowers by about a half inch to make sure the rear track bar clears the skid. Is this okay? I was under the impression the lowers should be as long as possible for ride quality and stuff. Will shortening them to 15-7/8" have a negative effect? Stock length was 15-3/4". The wheels appear centered in the wheel well right now.
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