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JT4x4 -- Groton

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Groton Connecticut, 06340

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Contact Name:Brad
President Name:Brian

Meeting Location:Groton, CT
Meeting Date:Whendi
Meeting Time:1800

Club Type:General 4x4
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:2007
Yearly Fees:30


We are a military started group, with very strong ties with the surrounding community. Started by 4 4WD lovers just looking to get/give more from our sport. Being military we have a lot of transient members which allows for a broad range of people and knowledge. We are a part of EC4WDA and Tread Lightly, so if you're looking to blaze new trails, this is not the club for you. We are trying very hard to improve the reputation of 4 wheelers everywhere with community outreach programs, and volunteer work to show that it is more that a "hobby" it's a lifestyle. So if you have made it this far and still like what you see, there are a few other things that we are looking for. They are all on the website, and any questions can be submitted to my home email address.

Thanks for looking.

Enrollment Requirements
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Equipment Requirements
The Love of the Sport