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Josh's 1985 CJ7 Restoration

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Hey guys! I am sure you have seen me around here on a few threads but I normally just do a lot of reading on here. I love seeing all of the stuff people are doing with their Jeeps. If I can't figure it out by myself, from the FSM or my Grandfather, I come here. With that said, since I am doing a complete restoration, I figured I can document what I have done now and continue to document. I would like to look back on it some day and I would really like to contribute some help to us CJ folks.

I bought this CJ7 in 2018 that I found on Facebook market place. It was local and the best looking one on Facebook. $2,600 and it was mine! It had issues but I knew it from the start and was willing to fix it. Hard top and pre 1981 hard doors were included along with a box of parts and little trim stuff. It also didn't run when I bought it but I knew what it needed.

About the Jeep:
258 with a T5 transmission and a dana 300, AMC 20 rear axle and a Dana 30 in the front. Pretty much a base Jeep but I am not sure if it had a package on it due to it being repainted a few times. LOTS of rust! Had the nutter bypass done and the cooling system was re-routed... not sure why someone would do that but I guess it got them by. Here are some pictures before the carnage started!


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Good stuff. What parts on the Dana 300 did you powder coat and/or paint? That pan looks like it has a coating on it. The next thing on my list is to rebuild the Dana 300.
Thanks. I got the deep pan a long time ago and it wasn't anodized, so I'm jealous of how that one looks. I think I'm going to powder coat the case since I have the setup to do it and leave the aluminum parts alone after cleaning.
1 - 2 of 348 Posts