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JeepinOutfitters' first JeepForum give-away!

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Hey guys (and gals), as a "thank-you" for all the support JeepForum members have shown us and to celebrate us recently getting signed up with a bunch of new suppliers, we're giving away a pair of Warn differential guards!

One lucky winner is going to get a set of powdercoated Warn diff guards of their choice (sorry, no SS guards). Total value after you factor in shipping (which we'll cover) is about $170-$190 depending on which guards you get.

The Warn guards are currently available for the D30, D35, D44, D60, and Ford 8.8". Sorry CJ guys, no AMC20 guards, but you could get an extra D30 or D44 guard and easily sell it. XJ guys, there's no Warn guard for the 8.25" either, so if you win and you've got the 8.25", we'll substitute a Custom4x4Fabrication diff guard instead if you want. The D44 guards won't fit the D44's in the back of Grand Cherokees, but they should fit any "regular" D44 just fine, ie: TJ (including Rubicons), XJ, CJ, Chevy, Scout, Ford, etc.

SO, here are the rules... :rtft:

- You must be a JeepForum supporting member to be eligible to enter via the forum.
- You must reply in this thread to be entered, and multiple posts won't get you multiple chances -- one chance per person.
- The give-away will end August 31st, then someone will be drawn at random from the eligible entries and announced on September 1st.
- The winner will be announced here and they will be notified by PM or email that they have won.
- Winner will get two powdercoated Warn differentical guards of their choice (with the exceptions noted above).

PM or email me if you've got any questions.

Thanks! And good luck! :thumbsup:


No purchase necessary. To enter by mail send full name, address, phone number to GCS PO BOX 911 San Marcos, Texas 78667. Entries must be received by Aug 30th, 2005. Void where prohibited. Free shipping to anywhere in USA. Winner subject to International shipping and custom fees.
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Woo Hoo Im in the first entrant I could really use those too *says a prayer* good luck everyone
Sign me right up!
Sign me up! Wow, good deal. :thumbsup:
sweet, It is great to see vendors stepping up and doing giveaways.

thanks for the chance

EDIT: Read the post, if you are not a paying member don't post up for a chance :rolleyes:
Put my name in, great idea - thanks!
sweet, It is great to see vendors stepping up and doing giveaways.
I agree, sign me up as well. :wave:
sign me up :thumbsup:
Free stuff... hell yea... sign me up.

Jason, I love you more than everybody else.

Put me in.
Why not?? Throw my name into the hat...good to see a vendor espcially from Texas rubbing elbows with the little guys..... :wavey:
COUNT ME IN!!! Woo hoo, guess I will hold off ordering some diff guards.....

I love it when vendors want to get involved with the industry....
Count me in, too!!
I'm in as well. I could use those!! :)
sign me up!

Thanks Jason!
Jason, that totatlly rocks. One of the coolest things I've seen done. Sign me up. Oh, I'll take the Chrysler 8.25 one. High pinion Dana 30. Shipped to 74352. *wink*
im in. this is sweet
I'm in. What's that pick me about a subliminal pick me message?
1 - 20 of 303 Posts
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