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The following are the "Rules" of These rules are not etched in stone and can be added to at any time without notice so please check back often. It is your job as a Member to know the up to date rules.

If you have questions about the forum please first consult the software FAQ or the JeepForum FAQ:

Forum Software FAQ: FAQ:

Golden Rule - Respect Yourself & Others
- Respect yourself and respect others, else you will be banned without warning and the ban will never be released.

Keep This A Family Forum
- Topics allowed include anything PG-13.(at moderators discretion) No X-Rated pictures, jokes etc. No racist remarks, gender remarks, nor sexual preference slams etc. You will be banned without warning. There will be no tolerance on this.

No Swearing or Flaming
- Swearing (including defeating the automatic censor) flaming, and slamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all-together. This is your only warning.

Defeating the Censor
Defeating the language filter (censor) will result in the post or thread being edited and the user banned. Do not alter words/letters to try and spell the word out. Let the censor do its job. Spelling something wrong is no excuse.

- There is a search function, use it often! ( )

Do Not Pad!
- Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. This only serves to clutter the forums.
Remember this rule to all those posting "First" and the like.

Locked or Deleted Posts
- If one of your posts is locked or deleted, please do not start another thread dedicated to why it was edited. If you have a problem with your post being locked or deleted, please send a private message to a admin/mod describing the problem.

No Defamatory, Political, Race Related or Sexual Preference Signatures
- Leave defamatory, political, race related and sexual preference comments out of your signatures and user titles.

No Drug or Illegal Related Posts
- Absolutely no threads promoting or condoning illegal drug use or illegal activities.

Multiple User Accounts
- Are not permitted. If you're found to have created more than one user account, any or all of your accounts are subject to banning and deletion.

No Other Website Questions
- Do not post about problems or questions with other websites.

No Promoting other Forums
- We will not allow JeepForum to be an advertising or recruiting ground for any other Jeep/4x4 related forum.

No Raffles or Donation Drives
- Do not use the forum to solicitate. Do not ask for monetary help from users. No raffles or donation drives unless Admin approved.

No Spam or Advertising Anything!
- Do not advertise your website/product or product/websites you are affiliated with in any way or shape. No marketing of commercial products without a Vendor account. If a post is deleted and labeled as advertising then we consider it advertising so please do not post it again.

No Private Message Advertising
- Spamming users using private messages will get you banned no matter who you are. Do not mass advertise through private messages.

Leave if You Don't Like It
- Leave the forum if you do not like the website. Staying here only to complain about how you do not like it will only get you banned.

Grow Some Thick Skin
- If you want to participate on an Internet forum then grow some thick skin. There are thousands of armchair quarterbacks ready to pick you apart. There is an ignore function through the forum software and in your head. Use it.

For Sales/Wanted Access
- All users have to have a minimum of 25 posts before they can access our classifieds area.


Help Keep This Forum Clean!
  • Help us moderate the forum, on ever single message on the left side under the name of the person posting you will find an icon that looks like this:
    Clicking on that button will allow you to write a detailed message to the moderator (or if there is no moderator, to the administrators) as to why the message needs to be fixed. Please let us know if it is porn, spam, slamming another user or any other details you feel are relevant.
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Do not Abuse Tags!

Tags are extremely helpful if they are used correctly. Tagging threads with very relevant keywords help both search engines and our own search to find threads for people.

Do not abuse tags!

They are not to be used as a joke. People blatantly abusing them will be banned.
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Closed threads

There are several reasons why threads get deleted or closed.

Inappropriate content, thread is a flame fest, advertisements, thread is just merely "chat" which should take place in the chat section of this website. Read the rules thread for more.

This is and always has been a family oriented forum.

Any thread that has not work safe content will be deleted. Keep all threads PG in content such as language, topic, pictures and video. If your thread gets deleted with the notification "Inappropriate Material" then do not post it again because we do not allow it here.

Next major reason a thread gets closed is because it has turned into a flame fest where there is a lot of attacking going on. Sometimes a moderator will warn you before closing it and sometimes they will just close or delete it. First and foremost this is a Jeep forum and we will not spend the time to clean up the General Discussion forum. Moderate yourself. If there is a debate and a user starts attacking then report them and do not respond to their attacks. However, if a thread starts to turn into attacks we will not clean it up, it will be closed or deleted at once.

Just like in a real life one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. We don't have the time or want to try to stop flame fests in General Discussion and will stop them immediately before they spill into the technical forums which is what this forum is about. If you want to have civilized debates then do so but once it gets uncivilized expect it to get closed or deleted.

If a thread is closed or deleted do not post about it again. We closed or deleted it for a reason and it is not up for arguing.
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