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JeePerf Steering Correction Kit for 3"-5" Lifted WKs

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Some may know that I run the YouTube channel, My Jeep Story and on that channel, I do some product installations and other videos based on my WK. Moving forward, I will start doing what I plan on doing tonight for most every product and video by posting up here for other discussion.

JeePerf Steering Correction Kit for 3"-5" Lifted Jeep WK/XK Vehicles

What are they?

In my last video, I installed JeePerf's steering correction kit made for Jeep WKs that have three to five inches of lift. I got this kit to help align my outer tie rods and allow for proper wheel alignment and correct any bump steer that I had. It's an adjustable product that allows you to correct tie rod angles at three inches all the way up to five inches of lift, so there's room for improvement if you decide to move up. The kit comes with Heim joints that are superior for articulation allowing around 35 degrees of flex rather than stock which is limited to nearly 22 degrees. The list of benefits goes on, be sure to see the product's page on JeePerf's site if you're interested. You can see them here: JeePerf Steering Correction Kit for 3"-5" Lifted Jeep WKs


Installation was as easy as any outer tie rod installation with minor assembly of the JeePerf outer tie rods. It took me about an hour to install these, but that's because I was filming and moving the camera/lighting around while working on this. Only hand tools are needed along with the obvious jack and stands making this a really DIY friendly project. See my video below on the installation for more.

First Impression!

I have had these on for about a little while now. I immediately noticed a huge improvement in the ease of steering and that's without an alignment. I quickly got an alignment and the difference was way greater than I had expected. There is a much greater sense of confidence in steering now with no "jumping" when going over potholes or uneven pavement. The steering feels a lot tighter and controlled too, especially when going at higher speeds around sharper turns. What I noticed right away, though, was how easy turning became while stationary. I didn't think there would be a difference, but there is an it's very noticeable how much more responsive my Jeep is at moving those 33" tires now! I was quick to test these off road as well. I have a lot of local trails that allow for higher speed driving through the woods. The deference was amazing here as well as the tires stayed more true during quick articulation of the suspension at high speeds. It literally put a smile on my face and maybe because it's because I drive those trails often (see the earlier video 'Asphalt's End') and was used to sloppy steering, but it was like an entire new Jeep having my angles back the way they should be with an alignment. I didn't do too much flexing as I have Addco sway bars still connected, but I'll be sure to include that in future posts and videos! I'll have a video up soon with a GoPro shooting footage close up of the tie rods in action on and off road as well as some drone footage too!

Let me know your opinions! I think kits like these from JeePerf are as crucial as most find upper control arms to compensate for lift. It's important to focus on all components for a properly functioning vehicle at any lift height.

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